It’s statistically impossible
to make a better pizza!_

Welcome to Big Data Pizza where technology and pizza come together to learn the best way to make pizzas that are analytically perfected for every individual!

We use customer input to make every pizza just the way you like it!

Angelica Béchamel created Big Data Pizza because of her knead to know what made the perfect pizza. She’s dedicated to learning the secrets behind the mechanics of pizza making in order to change the way the world sees pizza.

Our Mission

  • ● To learn the secrets to what makes a great pizza and then make it even greater!
  • ● To satisfy every customer with statistically perfect pizza.
  • ● To make statically perfected pizza by gathering customers’ input and served with their best interest in mind.
Pizza Data

Meet The Team


The robots that work alongside humans to help motor along every order as well as reduce the amount of time and error rate.

Each robot is tied into a logistics and routing program that optimizes their routes, guaranteeing a pizza to your door in as little as 20 minutes.


Founder and CEO of Big Data Pizza.

With two master's degrees in Statistics and Pieology, she is all but obsessed with the analytical aspects of running a business and creating the perfect pizza. Her goal is to run the most successful pizza chain in history!


We have some of the world’s top pizza analysts, such as Nasir Amin, who are dedicated to gathering feedback and data in order to learn all that they can about pizza.

Our Investors

Founded as a single store, Big Data Pizza is quickly growing with the help from our many investors!

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    • 314 Pepperoni Plaza
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    • Monday - Sunday 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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